Roofing Insulation Services’ New British Standard Class ‘0’ Fire Retardant Foam Insulation

Roofing Insulation Services can now provide architects, designers and builders with access to the latest insulation systems available in the U.K. This new polyurethane foam and coatings system is manufactured to British Standards Class ‘0’ as a fire retardant and is ideal for insulating areas where fire is a major concern. The foam is lightweight, offers excellent permanent adhesion to all building materials and greatly reduces the costs of any future maintenance.

A typical system would comprise of modified heat-resistant sprayed polyurethane foam. The only way to protect this insulation in a fire situation and pass the stringent BS476 Part 6 Fire Propagation Test is to encapsulate it in an intumescent coating. This provides exceptional fire retardancy to the sprayed foam. It does not contain asbestos in any form. The flame retarding under heat exposure when chemicals in the film foam layer acting as an insulating barrier between.

intumescent properties are brought into action

decompose and swell to provide a carbonaceous

the source of the heat and the substrate

Roofing Insulation Services can install the class ‘0’ system to many different applications, including:

• Car park soffits

• Sports Stadia

• Commercial buildings

• New office buildings

• Public buildings

• Air plenums of Air conditioning systems

Roofing Insulation Services’ Class ‘0’ system has many benefits including:

• Low thermal conductivity - reduced thickness - space saving

• Lightweight - typically 3kg/m2 achieves 0.45W/m2K U-value

• Excellent adhesive properties - withstands high wind speeds and vibration

• Suitable for flexible single-skin substrates

• Zero air erosion

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