Pioneering manufacturer, ROCOL, has pushed the boundaries of spot marking paints with the launch of ‘fusion’ - a unique range of semi-permanent and removable products that set the new benchmark in health, safety, environmental and commercial benefits. Combining enhanced product performance with ROCOL’s trusted brand values, this latest innovative development looks set to revolutionise the market for spot marking paints. Designed and developed with Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, after the company received direct challenges from local Highway Authorities concerning visual graffiti and the longevity of markings on the highway, the new ‘fusion’ range has also fallen under Balfour Beatty’s ‘ZERO HARM’ programme to reduce utility damage. Also developed in conjunction with a host of other leading European construction and utility companies, ‘fusion’ is unlike any other spot marking paint currently on the market as it is NOT classified as an irritant or harmful to health, NOR is it classified as dangerous to the environment or harmful to aquatic life. ‘fusion’ comprises Contractor® and Temporary™, each available in six colours and both being touch dry within five minutes. Contractor® is a semi-permanent spot marking paint that is designed to last between 3-6 months, Temporary™ is designed to last 2-3 months and can be removed with water and a stiff brush at any time.

Both Contractor® and Temporary™ contain up to 100% more paint than similar spot markers, halving the number of aerosols required to mark similar areas and therefore halving the level of hazardous waste produced. They also feature a patented clog-free cap that delivers outstanding performance and not one has become blocked under the extended trials. Stephen Brown, Special Projects Manager at Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, states: “With the implementation of Permit schemes, some HA’s are stipulating that all markings must be removed before the site is cleared. In the past this has required expensive removal processes to be adopted, so the development of fusion is a real positive step forward, allowing us to improve the perception of utility works and not leave a long lasting after-taste with HA’s and residents once works are completed.” Derek Thomas, Business Unit Manager at ROCOL, comments: “ROCOL continues to invest significantly in innovation and product development. Working closely with our users we have developed this latest range of spot marking paints to meet their needs as responsible companies.”

Derek explains: “Probably the biggest issue relating to markings is that the paint may last six months or more after the work is complete. The contractor responsible can incur significant removal charges from the council and it is one of the biggest complaints from local residents. This was voiced strongly at the recent West Midlands HAUC exhibition.” Derek continues: “Temporary™ is the solution for low traffic areas such as pavements, shorter-term markings of around 2-3 months or where the markings need to be removed when the works are complete. I must complement our technical team who developed a formulation that is durable enough to withstand vehicular traffic and heavy rain, yet can be removed with water and a stiff brush” Both Contractor® and Temporary™ are suitable for use on a range of surfaces including tarmac, asphalt, concrete, grass and soil, metals, timber, artificial and natural stone, brickwork and composites. All paints are available in market leading 18Bar aerosols and feature a one pass system for bright durable lines.

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