Rocky Tops introduces two advances in Solid Surface design and fabrication at KBB 2010 21st - 24th March at NEC Birmingham – STAND EH49, Hall 19

RT Hard TemplatesTM greatly simplify fitting undermounted sinks to solid surface or wooden worktops. Prefabricated solid surfaced worktop blanks, are the fastest growing sector in the UK worktop industry. Brands such as Silica, Fortis, and RT SupaliteTM are designed to be installed by kitchen fitters, but can be challenging for even experienced fitters when an undermounted sink and drainer is required. Rocky Tops have solved this problem by creating a series of hard template router guides to ensure a professional result every time. RT Hard TemplatesTM are available for all the UK's leading undermounted sink brands including Blanco, Carron, and Franke. Most templates are held in stock for nationwide dispatch overnight and can be purchased at

RT SupaliteTM surfaced with DuPont Corian
Designed to meet the emerging technical and environmental challenges for interior design. Current trends demand the use of thicker materials to convey contemporary design and high quality. Available in 44, 56 & 102mm thickness, RT SupaliteTM is fabricated using state of the art honeycomb substrates and surfaced with 6mm Corian. These tops are suitable for domestic kitchens, commercial, and healthcare applications. RT SupaliteTM allows for the fabrication of larger freeform elements than usual. These large, light weight structures can be fabricated off site, then easily transported and rapidly assembled using a range of purpose-made fastenings. Lightweight cores maintain better torsion ridgety than timber or MDF substrates allowing for longer free spans and on-trend 'slab' designs. The system is well suited for applications where voluminous shapes are required but where weight is a consideration, such as reception desks, conference tables and slab sliding doors. RT SupaliteTM is available in pre fabricated lengths of 2500 & 1250mm by 640 & 940mm in 22 of the Corian colours.

All the performance of Corian:

  • ON TREND CHUNKY APPEARANCE: Chunky furniture and work surfaces are in vogue. The great advantage of
    RT SupaliteTM, is that it looks contemporary and substantial yet is both light and stable.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easier and cheaper to transport and handle, Honeycomb core allows fabricators to use 6mm solid surface in place of 12mm, further reducing weight and costs, opening up a wide range of new design possibilities
  • EXCELLENT BENDING STRENGTH: Long chunky free spans, which can be an issue with MDF and chipboard, are not a problem with RT SupaliteTM thanks to its unique sandwiched, honeycomb construction
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The most effective use of wood as well as better use of transport capacities, this smaller carbon footprint, makes RT SupaliteTM the greener alternative. Fabricating RT SupaliteTM creates less dust hazard than chipboard and MDF substrates.
  • 100% recycled honeycomb core

Over the past 8 years Rocky Tops have developed a formidable reputation as Scotland's leading specialist Solid Surface fabricators. They are Scotland’s stock holding distributors of the Silica and Maia ranges of prefabricated solid surfaced worktops. Their factory showroom in Glasgow's bustling West End houses Scotland's (possibly the UK's!) largest display of Corian and other solid surfaces. This Investor in People accredited company is at the forefront of fabrication innovation and is proud to be launching these two pioneering products at KBB 2010, bringing real benefits to fabricators and more design choices to customers.

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