Rocksilk RainScreen Slab, from Knauf Insulation, has been specially developed for rainscreen cladding applications. Easy to install, the product also offers exceptional thermal, fire, acoustic and environmental performance.

Manufactured from rock mineral wool, Rocksilk RainScreen Slab is easier to install due to its superior workability. Rock mineral wool is quick and easy to cut on site and is designed to adapt to minor imperfections in a building’s substructure. Rocksilk RainScreen Slabs will naturally ‘knit’ together, ensuring intimate contact at every joint and making it almost impossible for thermal leakage to occur. Knauf Insulation’s Rocksilk RainScreen Slab contains a water repellent additive with the additional benefit that it can be installed with either face adjacent to the sub structure.

With rock mineral wool boasting a Euroclass A1 fire classification to BS EN ISO 13501-1 - the highest classification available - the non-combustible nature of Rocksilk RainScreen Slab ensures that it will not burn, will not give off toxic smoke and will not suddenly ignite in a fire due to ‘flashover’. The sound absorption characteristics of rock mineral wool also make it ideal for use in rainscreen systems and comply with both sound insulation and sound absorption requirements.

Rocksilk RainScreen Slab is free from CFC’s and HCFC’s and its manufacture has a low impact on the environment, being classed as Zero ODP and Zero GWP. In addition, the product is now available with ECOSE TechnologyTM, which utilises a revolutionary bonding agent made from more natural and sustainable organic materials, improving upon the already exceptional credentials of mineral wool.

“The inherent characteristics of rock mineral wool ensure that Rocksilk RainScreen Slab really does tick every box when it comes to the specification of insulation for rainscreen cladding systems,” says Tony Corcoran, market manager for non-residential at Knauf Insulation. “With rainscreen cladding often incorporated into school, hospital or high rise buildings design fire performance is particularly important and, as such, a non-combustible insulation product such as rock mineral wool provides the ideal fire protection material.

“With the environmental impact of every construction material also in the spotlight, Rocksilk RainScreen Slab’s credentials in this area are also a major advantage.”

Rocksilk RainScreen Slab is available in panel size 1200mm x 600mm and in standard thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. For further information and stockist details visit or Tel: 08700 668 660.

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