RockitSeal - the next generation - from the makers of TeleSeal

No more leaks and no more mould. Introducing a faster permanent alternative to silicone sealant in the bathroom and kitchen.

McComb Developments, based in Tunbridge Wells are launching their brand new bath, shower and worktop seal development named RockitSeal at Interbuild and it will be on the Building Centre stand in Hall 6. RockitSeal is a two part uPVC strip seal that absorbs movement telescopically, unlike silicone and all other strip seals that rely on there adhesion and resilience in order to take up the movement between a wall and a bath, shower tray or worktop etc.

RockitSeal’s telescopic design is unbelievably simple, but relieves its fixing adhesive of any stress and results in a permanent installation. The uPVC strips are UV stabilised so will not discolour and in addition they incorporate anti-bacterial and anti-viral components effective against pathogens such as MRSA and e-coli. McComb Developments have developed their product with a view, not only to how it works but also how it looks, which is of great importance in these days of classy bathrooms with chic sanitary ware and fittings. RockitSeal is just 15mm high, not much more than a bead of silicone. The difference is of course that the silicone will at some time fail and discolour with mould and most of us know what a chore it can be to clean off old sealant and replace it again and again and at worst have to replace rotting floors etc. RockitSeal however, is designed to last the life of the bathroom.

The telescopic strip concept was patented 12 years ago and the original prototype was installed around the inventors heavily used shower bath. It still remains there to this day and it works and looks as fresh and clean as the day it was fitted. RockitSeal is fast and easy to fit onto existing tiles or below new, where it really does look the business and will carry on doing so. The product kit is shrink-wrap packed and contains all that is needed to seal up to three sides of a bath or up to four sides of a shower tray.

The corners are often unsightly with strip seals but the RockitSeal strips are factory mitred and normally require only one on site mitre cut. The result is simply a right angled continuance of the extruded strip.

The preview response to RockitSeal, when shown to a select number of individuals at this years KBB show at the NEC, was extremely positive and most complimentary.

For further information please contact McComb Developments by phone: - 01892 752060. Fax: - 01892 752161. e-mail to

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