Rockfon meets complex needs at Churchill Park

Children with special educational needs in the Kings Lynn area will soon be moving into a new £9 million purpose-built school at Churchill Park. The new school brings together The Alderman Jackson and Ethel Tipple Special Schools into one establishment. The teaching facilities are spread across a single-storey building to allow ground level access to the secure external recreational spaces. With light and airy practical rooms, including individual and group plus sensory rooms and a hydrotherapy pool, the new facilities will accommodate up to 150 children from ages 2 to 19.

Throughout the school, a variety of Rockfon ceiling systems have been installed including Hygienic, Koral, Scholar and over 1300m2 of the recently launched Sonar dB40 range, to meet the particular requirements of each area. Andrew Morley of SCL Interiors, who carried out the installation, explained: “Rockfon Sonar dB40 was installed throughout the majority of the project due to the design of the internal walls not extending to full height. This meant a greater degree of soundproofing was required through the ceiling to limit room-to-room noise transfer. All of the Rockfon ceiling tiles were very easy to install and cut due to their lightweight yet robust nature.”

David Harding of NPS Norwich was the lead architect on this project and was delighted with the finished ceilings. “The new ceilings look really great and they all perform to the highest standards,” he added.

Rockfon’s Sonar dB40 was selected for the open-plan classrooms, and all circulation areas, for its superior acoustic properties. The 30mm thick stone wool tile features a high-performance membrane on the back, which provides enhanced sound insulation as well as a high level of sound absorption. The subtly textured matt surface is easy to cut and tiles are available in a range of sizes. Rockfon’s dB range offers a complete acoustic solution as well as retaining all the other performance criteria you would expect from Rockfon such as hygiene, fire and humidity resistance.

Where walls extended to ceiling height in the activity room, dining hall and some of the sloping-ceiling classrooms, Rockfon Scholar was chosen. This 100% stone wool tile combines an attractive white painted finish with strong, reinforced edges to provide an impact resistant, durable and fire safe acoustic ceiling. The use of Scholar can contribute to compliance with the needs of AD.E. and Building Bulletin 93, Acoustics in Schools. Its high sound absorption ensures appropriate reverberation times and can help with speech intelligibility too.

Another area requiring a specialist ceiling finish was in the hydrotherapy pool and assisted bathrooms. Rockfon’s Hygienic products have a durable and special white painted surface, incorporating a fungicide to enhance resistance to the growth of microorganisms, making them a perfect choice for these areas. The 100% stone wool core contains no organic nutrients and cannot be attacked by rot or fungi.

Rockfon’s Koral range combines an attractive surface finish with good functionality and was used throughout the offices and stores of the new school. The micro-textured, painted white surface ensures high sound absorption and is available in many module sizes to allow individual and simple ceiling expressions.

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