Rockfon Adds Solutions to Ceiling Portfolio

Specifiers, building owners and manufacturers alike are all facing the challenge of providing energy efficient buildings and sourcing materials that comply with legislation yet which also offer high aesthetic appeal. Rockfon has been investing in solutions to some of the most common industry issues, and has launched an exciting, practical and aesthetic range of new acoustic products.

Presented as an acoustic solution to the problems of covering high inertia materials, the launch at the recent BSEC exhibition saw a huge amount of interest from visitors to the Rockfon stand.

The products - Rockfon Eclipse ceiling island and Rockfon Contour ceiling baffle - are specifically designed to minimise acoustic disruption within any space. One of the contemporary challenges facing the industry is to optimise thermal masses, which involves using materials with high inertia such as concrete, steel and glass. In order to allow the effective circulation of air and heat exchange, these materials have to remain uncovered. However, in doing so, they tend to reflect sound and compromise the acoustic properties of a room.

Rockfon has developed these new products to allow air to circulate freely whilst at the same time absorbing sound – from both sides of the panel. Rockfon Contour is a frameless baffle, with minimalistic edges underlined by an elegant bevel. Manufactured as a 50mm stone wool panel, both sides are coated with acoustic glass fleece, giving exceptional acoustic and visual properties. Rockfon Eclipse frameless ceiling islands offer a stylish square or rectangular format, manufactured from a 40mm stone wool panel. To significantly enhance acoustic control, the visible side is a painted glass fleece to give a smooth white surface, with the reverse side sporting an acoustic fleece for excellent light and heat reflection.

All products provide a practical and efficient alternative to the use of exposed hard surfaces or traditional wall to wall suspended ceilings in terms of acoustic ability. Easily assembled on site, they can all be suspended in a number of ways, from all types of soffits. The Rockfon stone wool resin bonded mineral wool tiles absorb sound equally on both front and back and as with all Rockfon ceiling products, they offer superior fire resistance and dimensional stability, even in 100% humidity.

“We have developed these products with the industry firmly in mind,” comments Jenny Brookes, Marketing Manager, Rockfon. “Optimising thermal mass without compromising the acoustic qualities of a room is now possible with this new specialist range of Contour and Eclipse acoustic solutions.”

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