Robust Codelock Joins Electronic Cabinet Lock Range

Introduced as part of the electronic cabinet lock range from Codelocks, the robust new CL1200 is intended for heavy use on lockers, cabinets and cupboards within challenging environments.

The stylish CL1200 has all the electronic functionality of the CL1000 but with larger scale individual stainless steel buttons (now with audible button press) and an IP54 resistance rating, making it a stronger and more resilient model.

The CL1200 has 3 programme levels. The Master Code can be used to put the lock into two modes of operation; the Multiple User Code mode is a default setting which can be repeatedly used to open the lock; and the One-Time User Code mode in which the lock can be locked and opened once before the code is erased for the new user to enter a new code. A restricted lock time can be applied to the One-Time User Code, using a timer function to automatically unlock the CL1200 after a set time making it ideal for units with multiple short-term occupancy such as gym lockers.

The electronic lock is a quick retrofit for cam locks or fits to units that do not have an existing lock.  The lock is supplied with four lengths of spindle adaptor covering all the current lengths, making ordering and fitting easier.

The lock is powered by two 1.5 volt AAA batteries which will provide an excess of 50,000 openings before the lock will signal low battery to the user via a flashing red LED. The lock has a battery failure override function meaning users can gain access by placing a PP9 battery on contact points at the base of the lock and entering the Master Code. The non-volatile memory retains program settings when batteries are changed.

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