Robbens underfloor heating systems provide secure home comfort for the young residents of Hesley Village and College.

The Village is an ongoing development by Hesley Lifecare Services, part of the Hesley Group. This unique project on the outskirts of Doncaster aims at providing life enhancement for young adults with special needs, by creating for them all the variety of village life within an environment tailored to their requirements for safety and care.

In this environment they can practice many life skills that most of us take for granted.

Over 80 young adults can be accommodated in the flats, houses and bungalows that make up the residential element of the Village.

Just as in any village there's a bank, post office, bakery, medical centre and hairdressing salon and a village hall, restaurant and a cinema are part of the long-term plan. Local transport operators have even been persuaded to operate a bus route to the village!.

Robbens underfloor heating systems have been used throughout the development since work on Hesley Village was first begun.

Martin Sheridan, the Hesley Group’s Estates and Facilities Manager, has no doubts as to the value of underfloor heating technology in this kind of project.

" The young people living in the Village can exhibit challenging behaviour and safety has to be paramount. Low surface temperature radiators or LST's simply aren't tough enough to ensure long term reliability and it makes much better sense to integrate the heating system into the floor.

Not only is this completely safe and tamper proof, but it offers the added advantages of freeing up all the wall space and offering full access to all areas for everyone including wheelchair users.".

After several types of underfloor heating had been considered, Robbens system was installed by JGM Ltd of Mission Springs near Doncaster in one of the early phases as a prototype test and similar systems have been used in all new build in the Village ever since.

Individual oil-fired boilers are used for each property at Hesley Village with the flow and return sides connected to discreetly located manifolds. Loops of Robbens special pipe run from the manifolds through a sand and cement screed which tops the pot and beam concrete floors.

When the system is in operation the entire floor surface acts as a giant radiant plane ensuring even distribution of heat with no draughts.

Each area has its own room thermostat to control the temperature of water flowing from the manifold into the concealed pipework loops.

At night a dedicated set-back thermostat assumes command of the system in response to a timer-controlled signal from the manifold and maintains the internal temperature of the building 2-3 degrees below the daytime level. In this way maximum economy can be achieved while still ensuring full comfort conditions for residents and carers when the new day begins.

All the Robbens systems at Hesley Village were installed by JGM Ltd.

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