Robbens underfloor heating is now recognised as a standard solution by one of East Anglia's leading developers.

Brian Sabberton Ltd is a property developing company with an enviable reputation for quality and winner of a whole series of NHBC awards.

As the name implies it's a family business and today Peter Sabberton maintains the tradition of good design, fine materials and solid workmanship started by his father in the early 1960's. Projects range from town houses to oak framed barns, from bungalows to large mansion style residences.

Sabbertons latest development at Old Catton near Norwich features Robbens underfloor heating - just as all of the company's properties have done for the past ten years.

It's been a decade of change all the same as Peter Sabberton explains.

"When we first decided to integrate underfloor heating onto our designs some customers took a little persuading. Now everyone expects it!

There's a whole host of additional suppliers too, but Robbens still provides the local service and quality in product and support that matches our approach to house building.

We create individual homes for individual people and Robbens' custom design and technical back-up make perfect partners. Our heating sub-contractors are so familiar with the techniques involved that the systems practically install themselves! Still it's good to know that experienced help is there if we ever need it."

At Old Catton Sabbertons are currently building twelve large houses - the biggest with 7 bedrooms - and all on generous plots of at least a quarter of an acre.

All Sabberton properties feature a solid floor construction on the ground floor.

During installation loops of Robbens multi-layer pipework are fixed in position above a layer of insulation material with the loop ends connected to discreetly located manifolds – one for each zone of the system. The manifolds are connected in turn by flow and return lines to the boiler plant.

After pressure testing, a normal sand and cement screed is poured to integrate the heating system into the floor structure and provide a smooth, even surface for the final floor finish, which may be carpet, but these days is often wood, or tiles.

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