Working at home is now the norm for more than a favoured few. Something like 20% of all management level staff in the South East are estimated to work at home for at least part of each week.

If your work is designing homes, then it makes perfect sense to design your own home to work in. And that is exactly what architect Graham Bizley has done. His new home in North London features a purpose-designed office suite for his practice Prewett Bizley on the second floor.

A Robbens underfloor heating system ensures full comfort conditions for all occasions - at work, rest or play.

The lower two floors of the building are residential, with living space on the ground floor and a bedroom and bathroom at first floor level. Bizley's idea is that, as the practice grows, the office will move out into its own premises leaving the top floor free for more bedrooms.

"Ground floor" is a slight misnomer for the area is actually I metre below street level.

To avoid any possibility of cold floors beneath the feet Graham Bizley designed a Robbens underfloor heating system into his new home. The system integrates perfectly with the high thermal mass of structure and especially the exposed concrete flooring.

On the lower level the polymer modified re-inforced slab has been sealed and left uncovered, blending smoothly with the minimalist interior design - and providing an ultra hardwearing floor finish.

During installation loops of Robbens multi-layer pipework were fixed in position above a layer of insulation material with the loop ends connected to a manifold discreetly located beneath the staircase. The manifold is connected in turn by flow and return lines to the gas-fired condensing/combination boiler, which serves the property. Scribes.

After pressure testing, a screed was poured to integrate the heating system into the floor structure and provide a smooth, even surface for final sealing.

Underfloor heating makes a perfect partner for condensing boilers – the low return temperature ensuring that the boiler is kept in ultra-efficient deep condensing mode for virtually the entire operating cycle.

Picture caption: Architect Graham Bizley’s house in North London combines a home with a purpose-designed office – a Robbens underfloor heating system integrates perfectly with the high thermal mass of the structure.

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