A Robbens underfloor heating system is helping to Burgess Hill Baptist Church to play a new community role.

Church buildings are now frequently called upon to provide for a whole range of activities, ranging from meetings to day care centres for the elderly and the very young.

Completely concealed beneath the floor Robbens heating technology provides a perfect partner for such projects - combining safety and comfort with flexibility of use and control.

The Church at Burgess Hill has been refurbished in a carefully phased programme. New toilet and kitchen facilities were installed as part of Phase 1 and the second Phase has seen the construction of a new church hall with teaching rooms at mezzanine level and a covered link to the adjoining manse where the minister lives.

The new hall is designed for multi-purpose use, including providing a home for the local "Fish and Bricks" playgroup and a Church youth centre.

Discreetly located manifolds:
All of the new areas are served by a Robbens underfloor heating system embedded in the screeded concrete floor. During installation, loops of Robbens’ multi-layer pipework were fixed in position on the floor insulation material with the loop ends connected to discreetly located manifolds. The manifolds are connected in turn by flow and return services to the new gas-fired condensing boiler. After pressure testing, a sand and cement screed was poured to integrate the heating system into the floor structure and provide a smooth, even surface for the carpet tiles.

The concealed system is completely safe and tamper-proof. Easy access is provided to all areas and all of the wall space is available for use.

Condensing boilers:
Robbens underfloor heating makes a perfect complement for modern condensing boilers. The low return temperatures keep the boiler in high efficiency condensing mode for maximum economy (see

Occupancy levels in the Baptist Church building vary widely according to the day of the week and the time of day. To combine full comfort for everyone in all circumstances with minimum fuel consumption the Robbens system is divided into 5 independent zones. Each zone has a dedicated thermostatic control to monitor the temperature of water flowing from the manifold into the concealed pipework loops.

Consultant for the Burgess Hill Baptist Church project was Michael Cade and the Robbens systems were installed by Moushill Contractors

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