New systems are ideal for extensions and conservatories.

Robbens Systems has launched its long awaited Single Room Underfloor Heating Pack.

The new product meets the need for a packaged system specifically designed for underfloor heating extensions and conservatories and backed by Robbens proven standard of quality.

With the cost of moving so high, every year sees an expansion of the market for extensions and conservatories that can add space without the need for a new home.

Space saving, safe underfloor heating can be an ideal partner for such projects, but achieving a cost efficient solution requires special consideration.

Treating each project of this type as a full design scenario with detailed heat loss calculations can drive up costs to a point where they become uneconomic - particularly in view of the small areas involved.

Two models -
Robbens Systems has taken a different path in developing the new Single Room Underfloor Heating Pack. Two models are available - one capable of heating up to 14m2 of screeded floor and the other suitable for areas from 14 to 28m2.

Each system is based on a standard design with a maximum output performance guideline, so that a selection can be quickly made on the basis of the floor area involved.

However, all Single Room Packs will be backed by the same component quality which has established Robbens as a market leader in both domestic and commercial sectors (

Packs will also be readily available to promote overall cost saving by faster turn round of the smaller project.

Each Pack comprises all necessary components for efficient, easily controlled underfloor heating of the area in question. Pack contents include a programmable thermostat and controls - plus, of course, detailed installation instructions.

The Manifold, which forms the heart of the system with flow and return pipe connections and quiet running pump, is factory assembled on special mounting boards and pre-tested prior to dispatch.

This ensures a compact, neat product, which can be installed and commissioned, to the layout drawings supplied with each Pack, in fraction of the time required for other systems.

During installation loops of Robbens multi-layer pipework are fixed in position above a layer of insulation material with the loop ends connected to the manifold, which can be discreetly located in a convenient cupboard etc. The manifold is connected in turn by flow and return lines to the boiler.

After pressure testing, a normal sand and cement screed can be poured to integrate the heating system into the floor structure and provide a smooth, even surface for the final floor finish.

Robbens Single Room Underfloor Heating Packs are designed for use with solid/screed floors only and are suitable for a range of floor finishes including tiles and carpets.

When the system is in operation the concealed pipework radiates heat from across the entire floor surface, rapidly bringing the room up to the desired temperature.

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