Robbens Systems - one of the UK's leading specialists in underfloor heating - has launched a new manifold, that's destined to become a firm favourite with installers.

Robbens has a reputation for quality and innovative design and the new manifold more than maintains the high standard. It combines a range of features selected on the basis of practical experience to ensure a more efficient system - saving time on site and providing long life reliability.

It looks good, too! Robbens know that, because the manifold is very often the only visible component in a concealed heating system, a smart, hi-tec appearance is a key attribute (

Flow and return headers on the Robbens' manifold are now chromed and headers are substantial brass extrusions that are smart and tough. Damage from a carelessly wielded spanner is much less likely!

New features also include special fittings on each header to take hose connectors for simple, rapid fitting of hoses for draining and filling the system. The headers also incorporate air bleed valves for easy venting of air.

Heart of the system The manifold is the heart of any underfloor heating systems and Robbens Systems realise that flexibility is essential. The new manifold can be extended by simply removing the end plugs and fitting a specially designed extension kit. In this way a new section of manifold can be joined on - effectively extending the scope of the underfloor heating to new areas.

Simple, but leak-free flow and return pipe connections to the manifold are essential. Robbens new connection fittings are more reliable than ever. The compression olive and tapered spigot with O-ring seal are retained entirely within the fitting - eliminating any chance of losing these small but vital components!

For systems requiring two manifolds, or more, Robbens even supply a free open-ended ring spanner, for risk-free tightening of pipe connections.

The host of innovative new features is matched to the best of the old. A number of major, field-proven details have been retained in the new Robbens manifold. Units are still pre-assembled, pre-commissioned and board-mounted at the Robbens’ factory. Circuits are also clearly labeled to ensure there's no confusion between the needs of the electrician and the heating engineer.

Pumps and actuators are already fitted with blanking fittings in place ready for pressure testing.

In short, like its predecessor, the new Robbens manifold arrives on site ready for plug-and-play action - minimising the time it takes to get the system into efficient operation.

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