Robbens Systems has launched a new website aimed at smoothing the path to successful underfloor heating design and installation.

The new site is one of the most informative and user-friendly to serve the fast growing market for underfloor heating.

Interactive pages at give clear, practical information for everyone in the loop from specifier and installer to the homeowner, or building operator who will enjoy the final results.

Leading specialists

Founded fifteen years ago, Robbens Systems is acknowledged as one of the UK's leading specialists in underfloor heating technology. The company is now part of Fränkische - a leading European manufacturer of pipes for building and industrial applications - and is thus one of the few to utilise pipe manufactured "in-house" in the systems it designs.

Robbens has also refused to follow the trend towards downgraded systems in which merchant-supplied components may be cobbled together on site on a "design as you go" basis.

Every multi-room Robbens underfloor heating system is still purpose- designed and a specially written manual is produced to guide every step in the installation and commissioning process. This can prove vital, even on large commercial projects employing experienced contractors.

Real value

Quality can still be had at a competitive price and the new Robbens' website sets out the way to achieve real value. Users are given a guide through the various types of system available and how they interface with differing floor constructions and surface finishes.

Insulation and heat sources are also covered, along with case histories of various types of domestic and commercial system in action.

Finally the site offers a free quotation form. This can be used to make a basic assessment of the practicality and likely cost of creating an underfloor heating for any given project.

Once that's established, customers are well on the way to an energy-efficient, professionally designed underfloor heating solution.

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