Ashton Sixth Form College in Ashton-Under-Lyne is always striving to update its facilities and recently opened a major new building. The building, designed by A-Cube Architects, includes a new learning centre and library. The architect in charge, Faheem Aftab, worked closely with the design team at Ecophon when considering the library ceiling, making full use of Ecophon’s innovative architectural ceiling tiles.

A library is a silent or quiet area for study where students can attain their maximum concentration levels. Conversation doesn’t need to be loud or travel far, and background noise should be reduced to a minimum. Good acoustics in a library therefore means an environment which is highly sound absorbent.

Faheem Aftab was well aware of the acoustic requirements of a library, but he also wanted something more than a flat suspended acoustic ceiling at Ashton. He planned to increase the architectural interest of the space by introducing some three-dimensional features to the ceiling. In consultation with the Ecophon design team, it was decided that the Focus S-line E tile offered an elegant way to add shape.

The S-line tile was used in conjunction with the matching flat Focus E tile, both tiles being manufactured from high density glass wool with a surface coating of Akutex T to provide excellent acoustic capabilities. The S-line tile, as the name suggests, is s-shaped and results in a change of ceiling height. Parallel lines of S-line tile were used across the width of the library with sections of the flat E tile in between creating an attractive wave-like effect.

Janet Nevin, Principal of Ashton Sixth Form College, is delighted with the new library, commenting, “The library is light and airy, and the ceiling has a stylish curvy wave-like effect, which is innovative and attractive.”

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