RIDI Scores at Rugby!

The SQL-PV luminaire from RIDI is delivering a combination of style and performance at the recently revamped science block at Rugby School, with over forty being installed in eye-catching vertical style on the walls of the building.

Completed at a cost of £1.4m, the new science block at the renowned Rugby School features a large atrium that acts as a focal point of the building. This design epitomises Rugby's principle of mixing tradition with innovation by developing a state-of-the-art hub for the entire science centre and preserving fascinating historical detail. Lighting design for the block was undertaken by Glyn Davies of Sherwood Consulting Engineers:

“Our primary task in designing a lighting scheme for the building,” says Glyn “was overcoming the challenges posed by the atrium and ceiling arrangement. We needed to find a single luminaire that would maintain performance beside the atrium and its abundance of natural light, without having the option of a traditional suspended fitting. We found our solution in RIDI’s SQL-PV. We mounted them vertically and the result is a stylish, modern solution.”

Suitable for installation in all types of corporate and education environment, the SQL-PV has the versatility to meet a range of diverse lighting requirements in a distinctive and individual fashion. It has a slim line profile, with an extruded aluminium casing that is finished in textured and highly scratchproof titanium colour. The luminaire has an internal parabolic reflector for excellent optical control and high efficiency, as well as an extruded opal Plexiglas cover with a silk matt surface finish for good transparency and light refraction. This cover can be easily detached to provide access to the lamp for maintenance and replacement. The aluminium housing accommodates all the electrical components plus options for an integral 3-hour LED emergency lighting system .

RIDI UK is part of the RIDI Group, which recently celebrated 50 years as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of affordable architectural luminaires for commercial building applications. Based in Germany, the RIDI Group range extends from simple bare batten fittings through to complex luminaire systems. For further details on any RIDI product, contact the company direct on tel 01279 450882, fax 01279 451169, email: info@ridi.co.uk or visit the website at www.ridi.co.uk .

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