RIDI Release LINIA Flat Gear Tray

A new LED gear tray, LINIA FLAT, has been added to RIDI Lighting’s LINIA continuous lighting range. Made from aluminium with varying linear prismatic optical controllers, the gear tray can accommodate LED linear modules and is simple to install into new and existing systems. This allows an existing LINIA system to be upgraded to LED (from fluorescent) without having to exchange the LINIA trunking.  

The slim-line LINIA FLAT design is available in either a single or twin variation and is suitable for structures where ceiling space is limited or where lighting needs to blend with minimal design scheme. As well as looking good, LINIA FLAT includes a flexible end cap with seal and is IP54 protection rated making it ideal for industrial applications.

“The easy, tool-less connection makes LINIA Flat a great way to quickly upgrade from an existing LINIA system,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI Lighting Ltd. “LINIA has been a very successful linear lighting system and organisations can now upgrade their fluorescent installations to LED quickly and easily. Initial interest also suggests many new applications where high bay lighting had previously been considered. The energy efficiency and light control make it ideal for warehouse racking installations.”

LINIA FLAT can be adapted to suit any application and mounting height. Integrated prismatic lenses produce five different light distribution modes from: narrow beam, wide beam, extreme narrow beam, double asymmetrical and asymmetrical.

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