RIDI Develops News LED Replacement Tube

RIDI Lighting has announced the release of its latest LED development; R-TUBE. R-TUBE is a highly efficient LED tube, which can be fitted to 90% of RIDI’s existing range, to create LED versions of its most popular luminaires.

R-TUBE comes in four different lengths, corresponding to the dimensions of conventional fluorescent tubes. The luminous flux packages of the different R-TUBE lengths have been designed to coincide with the T16-HE wattages.

“The development of R-TUBE is represents our commitment to offering an LED option across the majority of our product range,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI in the UK. “Our existing range is proven in the marketplace and with our German manufacturing capability, build quality and reliability are guaranteed. R-TUBE allows us to combine our traditional manufacturing strengths with the new benefits that LED solutions can offer.”     

R-TUBE is available in two colours: 3000 Kelvin (830) or 4000 Kelvin (840).  Depending on the lighting requirement, R-TUBE comes with a clear, satinised or opal plastic cover. A long service life of 40,000 hours (for luminaires with plastic housings) and 50,000 hours (for luminaires with metal housings) is guaranteed.

Toolless replacement of R-TUBE is also extremely simple with prefitted spring steel clips which secure the R-TUBE in the aluminium profile. Connection to the drivers – also prefitted separately into the luminaire – is established using a simple plug-in connector.

The R-TUBE allows a large proportion of familiar RIDI louvre luminaires customarily used with T16 or T26 lamps to be operated as energy-efficient LED luminaires. This means that classical, tried-and-tested RIDI luminaire designs can continue to be used unchanged with LED lamps. The R-TUBE also allows the configuration of dazzle-free louvre luminaires with exemplary light yield.

A smart thermal management system allows the R-TUBE to achieve far greater luminous flux compared to conventional retrofit tubes and allows wide scope for future LED TUBE generations with even higher light yield and even greater efficiency.

The R-TUBE is produced and developed by RIDI-Leuchten in its main producing location of Jungingen in Southern Germany, guaranteeing an exemplary standard of quality and flexibility.  RIDI offers a 5-year warranty on the R-TUBE.

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