Despite the fact that we become gradually less sensitive to sounds at both ends of the frequency range, those entering their “golden years” have no wish to be disturbed by unnecessary noise, especially in their home environment. Noise is a cause of disturbed sleep patterns and its control can lead to better communication, relationships and well-being. Therefore, this is one of the reasons that a developer specialising in the retirement market has chosen to utilise a suspended ceiling tile from the Ecophon range on all its new projects.

Pegasus Retirement Homes who provides independence, security and style in purpose-built property for the active retired has become one of Ecophon’s growing number of national account customers. Pegasus has used the Focus D product on eight schemes during the past year including Banstead in Surrey, Rustington in West Sussex, Sutton Coldfield, Shirley, Egham in Surrey, Topsham in Exeter, Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and Calcot in Reading. They also plan to use it on another five developments which are currently under construction.

Adrian Stokes of Pegasus Retirement Homes comments: “Focus D offers everything we needed in terms of acoustic performance, and when viewed along a corridor the ceiling has a smooth appearance which provides the refined quality that you come to expect of Pegasus.”

The Focus D tiles and grids can be found installed around the corridors and staircases of the stylish retirement apartments, where they act to reduce reverberation time and achieve a more comfortable acoustic environment.

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