Combination ovens are used extensively throughout the catering industry, but are often affected by a build-up of scale on the heat exchangers.

The Scalewatcher ENiGMA descaling system from Environmental Treatment Concepts is a simple and effective means of controlling scale in steam and combination ovens.

After leading catering supply company, Aspen Design, fitted two 40-rack Angelo Po combination ovens at the Seagull, a large restaurant and bar complex in Brean, Somerset, the kitchen staff found they had quickly become scaled-up.

The scale on the heating elements was affecting the functioning of the ovens, and in addition was flaking off, being blown around inside the ovens by the fans and permeating the food, which was an obvious concern to the client.

Dave King, Proprietor of the Seagull asked Aspen Design to find a means of resolving the problem. Having read about the Scalewatcher ENiGMA descaling system, Terry Millard a Director at Aspen Design suggested that a Scalewatcher ENiGMA was fitted onto the 22mm cold water feed to the Angelo Po combination ovens to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.

Within a matter of weeks, the ovens were once again operating efficiently and the small amount of scale still forming had turned to a putty-like substance, which drained away to the bottom of the oven, where it was easily removed as part of the normal scheduled cleaning.

“We prepare up to 2,500 meals a day and use combi ovens for everything from roasting to baking”, says Neil Bradley, Chef at the Seagull. “When the ovens were not functioning correctly and scale was getting into the food it was affecting our productivity and quality. Now the ovens are working properly again to provide delicious food easily and consistently”.

Aspen Design is so delighted with the Scalewatcher ENiGMA Descaling System and the fact that it has been able to help a valued customer, it plans to recommend the product to other customers experiencing similar problems with combination ovens.

The Scalewatcher ENiGMA system is also effective in treating a range of other scaling problems in industrial kitchens including steamers, glass washers, boiling pans etc.

Based in Bridgewater, Somerset, Aspen Design offers a complete turnkey operation to the catering industry by providing project management, design, supply and installation. The company operates throughout southern Britain undertaking projects for a spectrum of companies as well as architects and builders.

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