Research Highlights Impact of Extreme Weather on our Road Network

Recent research conducted by Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre has highlighted the impact extreme weather has on our road networks. 

The research covered all 27 EU member states and concluded that the effect of harsh winters on Europe’s road network has been immense, with some potholes seemingly appearing overnight!

Potholes, which can be caused by heavy snow and freezing temperatures, have led to blocked roads, endless delays, a rise in car accidents and serious damage to cars; as well as congestion problems and lane closures when repairs are being carried out.

The cost of compensation claims have jumped dramatically which has had a huge impact on local authorities - who already have to work with restricted budgets.

Can the situation be improved?

The answer is simple....YES! Ultracrete Instant Road Repair®, from award-winning manufacturer Instarmac Group plc, is a cold lay asphalt which offers a durable, flexible, first time permanent repair for these dangerous potholes.

There are many cold lay asphalts on the market, however Ultracrete can offer something that other pothole repair materials can’t – a flexible repair! Once compacted, many asphalt repairs remain rigid within the road surface which causes the material to crack and break out when the road surface contracts and expands, however Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® moves with the road surface meaning the repair does not break out – resulting in a permanent repair!

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® has been independently tested and is proven to be a quality and durable pothole repair material. It can be applied in ALL weathers – including harsh winters, is trafficked immediately – minimising disruption, and because Instant Road Repair offers a first time permanent repair it means only one visit is required – alleviating pressure on municipalities budgets.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® has been continuously developed over the past 35 years to become the worldwide choice of pothole repair and with millions of units sold to date, you really don’t want to be without this innovative technology this winter!

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