Renewable connection project benefits from Low Carbon Networks Fund Competition

REA Chief Executive, Gaynor Hartnell, commented on the announcement of the winning applications for Low Carbon Networks Fund, saying:  

“Central Networks is taking a strategic approach to investing in infrastructure and techniques to help renewable generators connect to the grid.  It is one of four projects winning funding from Ofgem under the Low Carbon Network Fund.  By looking at the totality of projects that might connect in an area, rather than dealing with each one on an individual basis, a cheaper overall solution is possible.  This benefits both individual green power projects and helps the UK to meet its renewable energy target more cost effectively.  It is to be commended and, hopefully, repeated - distribution networks should take this sort of strategic approach, right across the UK.”


Four projects, sponsored by energy network companies, awarded a share of £62 million
Projects funded through the £500 million Low Carbon Networks Fund
Ofgem’s flagship scheme helps network companies rise to the challenges of the low carbon transition
Ofgem commends all the participating companies for high standard of entries to the competition

Four innovative projects that will speed up the crucial development of smart grids to meet low carbon energy use, will share £62 million of funding from the £500 million Low Carbon Networks Fund, energy regulator Ofgem announced today.

Ofgem and an independent panel of energy experts were impressed by the overall quality of the 11 projects submitted by the network companies for funding. Both judged that the winning projects particularly demonstrated the potential to kick start the introduction of “smart grids” needed to help meet the Government’s 2020 targets for reducing carbon emissions. The companies sponsoring the projects also demonstrated they can embrace new creative ways of working with suppliers, generators, universities, local councils and others.

The lessons learnt from these ground-breaking initiatives will be shared with all network companies and interested parties, potentially benefitting millions of energy consumers across Britain. The funding awarded today will inform the crucial investment needed in energy infrastructure to connect renewable generation and accommodate new technologies such as electric vehicles. It will also help the companies understand how to run their networks in a more intelligent way to meet changing needs quickly and efficiently.

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