Removing the risk from energy saving

Optimising voltage is one of the simplest ‘green’ measures a business can take.

A single installation, fitted in a matter of hours, that can reduce your electricity bill by a fifth.  For organisations in the public and private sector it is an opportunity too good to miss.

But, like most technologies, there are different standards within the industry.

“Most of the technology, the people and products will be reliable, good, concerned and professional. Others will not be,” said Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector. “The green revolution – like the gold rush and the dot-com boom – is bound to bring in some illusionists – snake oil salesmen – people with no moral imperative in their hunt for crumbs off the table of opportunity.”

Placing a technology on your main voltage input requires a level of trust. This is especially pertinent for acute sites like hospitals, prisons and data centres where outages would risk lives, security and profits - quickly consuming the financial benefits of putting in the technology in the first place.

“powerPerfector has a 100 per cent reliability record which gives our clients confidence, but install the wrong technology and the risk to plant, machinery and business operation spirals. As a rule of thumb, the fewer points of failure the better. Beware of overcomplicated solutions with multiple different components,” said Angus Robertson.

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council is already reaping the rewards having installed powerPerfector at the biggest secondary school in the borough.

Within 12 months, Treorchy Comprehensive School had reduced electricity consumption by an impressive 16 per cent and saved £12,137 a year on its electricity.


Gerald Israel, Energy Manager at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council said: “Treorchy was our first powerPerfector installation. If this is the saving we can expect from the units, it can only be to our benefit for carbon saving within the Carbon Reduction Commitment.”

At Cardiff prison, of obvious importance is the electronically controlled security systems, Christopher Silcox of HM Prisons Estates Management Group said: “Given the importance of security of supply at this critical site, we can report that the installation was professionally conducted and the working of the site has been perfect.

“For us, powerPerfector has been the single most effective energy efficiency measure we have introduced.”

To find out more about powerPerfector’s Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO)® technology please visit stand 76 at the Energy Event at the National Motorbike Museum on September 8-9th.

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