REHAU emphasises commitment to the environment

There can be no doubting REHAU’s commitment to the environment with the publication of a heavyweight new 44 page group wide Sustainability Report.

Available to read or download from the company’s website at the report gives a very clear account of how well REHAU is performing in reaching its own energy reduction and recycling targets, and it is also gives a fascinating insight into some of the exciting environmental initiatives happening across the REHAU group at sites around the world.

The headline figures for the company’s current environmental performance are impressive – it has already cut primary energy consumption per tonne of production by 7.4% towards its target of 30% by 2020 and has achieved a 17.2% reduction in water consumption towards its 2020 target of 40%.  It is also now on track to achieve ISO50001 certification.

Central to the report is confirmation of REHAU’s ongoing commitment to recycling and its investment in plants both in the UK and in Poland to recycle old PVC windows to integrate back into its production.  Equally exciting perhaps is an insight into how REHAU is currently working on biopolymers using plant based raw materials, which may one day create the fibre composite which will enable bamboo to replace the reinforcing steel used in construction.

Customers who only know REHAU for its work in windows and doors might also be interested to read about REHAU’s involvement in projects as diverse as robust polymer pressure tanks for environmentally efficient hydrogen cell powered vehicles which can store the gas at 700 bar, and polymer embedded with glass bubbles for lighter fuel saving materials on aircraft.

REHAU’s UK Chief Executive Martin Hitchin says:  “This impressive report is a great reminder of the fantastic work taking place right across the REHAU group to ensure that we consistently deliver on our promises as an environmentally responsible business.”

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