Dimplex electric heating is on course to play a crucial role in the new buildings of the future, following the latest announcement of Part L of the Building Regulations.

The latest changes, together with new product developments are positive for the electric heating sector, says Chris Davis, Dimplex marketing manager.

“Electric heating offers greater flexibility than other fuel types and changes to Part L mean that installers and specifiers will continue to benefit from the advantages of lower capital costs, faster build speeds, design flexibility and lower maintenance costs that electric space and water heating systems provide,” he says. Controllability of heating systems, combined with advances in building insulation and new technologies mean electric heating will be among one of the first choices for heating in the future, adds Davis.

“When used with advanced control systems, electric heating is better placed to meet the heavily reduced heat losses of modern buildings. We also recognise the benefits of integrating traditional electric heating systems with renewable systems such as heat pumps and are currently working on a long term programme to investigate hybrid systems,” he explains.

Through involvement with the electric heating industry association TEHVA, Dimplex trialled both versions of the new SAP2005 software to help assess the impact the proposed changes will have on electrically heated dwellings. This clearly showed that advanced electric heating solutions such as electronic panel heaters with central controls and innovative products such as the Dimplex DuoHeat radiator aid compliance with Part L.

“For the first time for electrically heated dwellings, the controllability of the appliances specified has a direct influence on the compliance result,” explains Davis. “We’ve worked closely with the BRE to demonstrate the benefit of new products like DuoHeat and specifiers will see a positive benefit in terms of reduced carbon emissions due to its improved levels of controllability and other forms of off peak electric heating.” For specifiers and housing developers wanting to know more about Building Regulations Part L and electric heating, Dimplex have produced a guidance leaflet which is freely available to the trade or from the Dimplex website.

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