Reduce the cost on metal roofing and cladding

Have you found that specifying hard metals for your building project can end up being too expensive?  SIG Zinc & Copper can help you to make substantial savings on metal roofing and cladding.


Obtaining zinc for building projects has always been influenced by the supply of zinc sheeting, normally in 100kg coils. With a product costing thousands of pounds a tonne, a 100kg coil is expensive, and if you only need 110kg for a project you may end up having to buy 200kg.


We have been aware of this issue for some time but now you can make substantial savings when specifying hard metals for your roofing or cladding project.  With the new de-coiler machine from SIG Zinc & Copper you will now be able to get the exact materials you want, in the format that suits the project, so you can install at a reasonable cost.


Our new machine is the only one in the UK and represents an investment of around half a million pounds by our parent company, SIG plc!


Benefits of UK metal fabrication

Fabricating metal roofing and cladding in the UK to precise needs has benefits for all the supply chain:


  • Clients – don’t have to pay for metals they don’t need, and can support UK industry at the same time;
  • Architects – can use hard metals on their projects in the way they want more easily;
  • Roofing Contractors – you can price for the product the client wants, and don’t have to hold expensive stock; and
  • Main Contractors – will find it easier to compete for contracts using metals, with the savings UK fabrication delivers.


Our new metals fabrication service – reducing waste, saving money

SIG Zinc & Copper have partnered with established zinc manufacturer NedZink, metal handling expert Steadman & Sons and fabricator Metal Solutions to provide titanium zinc products fabricated in the UK to specific requirements – any coil size your project needs, no over-supply and no waste. The zinc is manufactured in the Netherlands, fabricated in the UK and delivered through the SIG plc national supply chain.
SIG Zinc & Copper will provide a complete impartial design and supply service, from determining performance criteria and the ideal solution through technical design and detailing, specification, material supply and guaranteed installation by FTMRC approved contractors.


Products and systems available include


  • Roofing and façade panels;
  • Coils and strips at bespoke sizes (from 50mm up to 1250mm wide);
  • Bespoke zinc sheets, (100mm to 3000mm);
  • Shingles;
  • Guttering systems;
  • Specialist architectural fabrications; and
  • Hired work undertaken, so if you need your own material slit down, we can help.


For further help or information on how to save money contact SIG Zinc & Copper’s on 0844 443 4772.



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