Reduce cavity labour and wastage

Effective prevention of moisture and radon ingress into larger buildings can be achieved more quickly and with less wastage using Z-Led’s MCR Preformed Multi-Crease System.

Comprising pre-formed straight runs and moulded or welded accessories, the system reduces the time and material wastage spent creating repetitive and/or complex cavity detailing. Self-supporting, Z-Led Preformed Multi-Crease System can accommodate cavities from 50-100mm, and be used over lintels without the need to incorporate it into the inner leaf.

Each polypropylene section features numbered creases which are folded to form a continuous cavity tray or barrier. The Preformed Multi-Crease System is easily cut to the required length, and mortared into position, either brick to brick or brick to block. Internal and external corners and handed stop-ends for walls, beams and columns complete the range to ensure a reliable solution to risk of damp.

A non-slip textured finish provides improved mortar adhesion; in radon applications, a 40mm wide adhesion flange provides a positive fixing point for membranes. Z-Led offers an option for the system to be factory-fitted with either code 4 lead or its environmentally-friendly flashing alternative, Aluflash, where abutting the outer leaf.

Kelly Phipps, Z-Led Commercial Manager, comments, “Protecting a building against damp and radon penetration is essential, but can be complicated and time-consuming. Our Preformed Multi-Crease System simplifies the whole process and goes a long way to reducing reliance on workmanship to ensure an effective, reliable solution.”

The Preformed Multi-Crease System is just part of Z-Led’s range of solutions to protect buildings against damp and gas penetration from below ground up to and including roof flashing and chimney trays. In addition to ‘off the shelf’ products, the company can tailor-make options to individual requirements.

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