Redring takes the touch-free approach

Due to the increase of infections, such as MRSA and the Swine Flu outbreak, hand washing has never been more important. The Autosensor hand wash unit from Redring utilises a clever no-touch technology making it the perfect hand wash solution for high-risk areas, such as hospitals and kitchens.

The flow of water from the hand wash unit is activated via an infrared sensor, making it not only hygienic but also economic to run. The temperature can be preset with the use of a coin-operated lever, which also controls whether the unit is switched on or off.

Kevin Tolson, Redring Showers, comments; “We initially designed the Redring Autosensor to combat the issue of cross-contamination in food preparation areas. However, the benefits of the innovative touch free hand wash technology are clearly transferable and since the outbreak of swine flu and the ongoing battle with MRSA we have seen a huge increase in demand for the unit from specifiers who are looking for a hygienic solution.”

Compact and ergonomic in design the unit is made from easy clean polar white thermoplastic and features a vortex spray outlet that is non-scaling and helps to prevent a build up of limescale.

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