Red-hot start to 2012 for Altecnic

As the temperature drops, Altecnic’s sales team are handling red-hot enquiries about its recently launched A-rated thermostatic radiator valve, Ecocal.

Tested against the stringent requirements of the European Valve Manufacturers’ Association, ‘Thermostatic Efficiency Label’ (TELL), enquiries about the patented Ecocal have rocketed as specifies, developers and plumbers recognise the benefits of recommending and installing the stylishly designed and easy to fit device.

Specifically engineered for both retro-fit and new installations, the BS EN 215 certified Ecocal is available in 8mm, 10mm and 15mm. Designed to be easily installed, the serrated sliding tail piece helps to prevent alterations to pipework and ensuring PTFE sealant bonds securely. A positive off position also allows the radiator to be removed without the need to be drained.

The straight or angled device has a fully reversible body for either vertical or horizontal fit that is suitable for on flow or return pipework, providing installers with ultimate flexibility. Stylishly designed the Ecocal is also available in white and chrome finish with matching lockshields and are liquid filled to instantly react to changes in ambient temperature.

Chris Ramster, sales director commented: “The industry recognises the benefits of installing high grade, internationally accredited products that are easy to fit and maintain.  As with the rest of our range, Ecocal ticks all these boxes. Our customers know that when they choose an Altecnic product they’ll get a quality, hassle-free piece of kit which makes them, and their customers, happy!”

For more information about Altecnic’s product range visit or call 01785 218200.

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