Recycled Glass by Stoneville (UK) Ltd

Stoneville (UK) Ltd is introducing new recycled glass that has a large variety of applications (with one of the main application being recycled glass worktops) and eco-friendly properties, with Stoneville being exclusive UK distributor. It exhibited this and other materials at Ecobuild 2010 on 2-4 March 2010 where Stoneville Recycled Glass raised a lot of interest among architects, contractors and other specifiers.

Recycled glass worktops are gaining popularity and are an interesting alternative to granite, quartz ands other types of worktops, especially in high end interiors. Nowadays granite and quartz worktops are standard options considered for most interiors and more and more designers and architects are now looking for alternative materials, including glass worktops.

Also, environmentally conscious design is becoming the norm in the developed world. And, recycled glass is an ideal solution for many applications. No glues, resin or chemicals are involved in its fabrication, unlike in case of most other glass materials.

Stoneville Recycled Glass is not to be confused with other products made of recycled glass, due to its unique aesthetic and technical characteristics, and cost efficiency. Its beautiful colours/patterns and 3D effect distinguish it from other materials.

Recycled glass supplied by Stoneville comes in slab sizes that are larger than slab sizes of other similar materials, with one of the standard sizes being 1400mmx2800mm, which is sufficient for most recycled glass worktops, countertops, etc.

Other benefits of this material include stain resistance and hardness, as well as colour depth that creates a three-dimensional effect, which sets it apart from other recycled glass used for worktops. And, recycled glass does not change colour with age. Unlike many recycled glass materials that look like a type of agglomerate marble, Stoneville’s recycled glass looks like glass and is either transparent or semi-transparent.

Stoneville is a leading UK natural stone company involved in supply and installation of natural stone and man-made materials. Main natural products are marble, limestone, granite, onyx, technical stones. Main man-made products are White Japonais and Recycled Glass.

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