New Advanced Frost Protection for Recuterm plate heat exchangers

Recuterm Counterflow and Crossflow are now equipped with the most efficient frost protection system on the market! This system offers highest possible heat recovery during cold winter days. 

The frost protection is available in three different levels depending on dimensioning winter temperature:

- Level 1: Frost protection with by-pass damper for mild winter climate > -5 °C

- Level 2: Advanced Frost Protection for winter climate > -22 °C/-26 °C*

- Level 3: Advanced Frost Protection plus frost protection heater for cold winter climate < -22 °C/-26 °C* or/and high humidity level in extract air

Recuterm Advanced Frost Protection (AFP), used in level 2 and 3, is a stand- alone controller with all necessary sensors connected for frost protection and heat recovery control. Recuterm AFP is frost protection based on dew point control and frost build-up is prevented by control of dampers for 4 sections and a by-pass damper. This is a demand based system with accurate control which gives frost protection with highest possible heat recovery without any frost build-up in the plate heat exchanger. For level 3 the controller also controls an electrical pre-heater.

Recuterm Advanced Frost Protection is used for both Cross- and Counterflow versions.

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Please contact David Black  
Air Handling Unit Product Manager, UK

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