Five recording studios you need to know about

Recording studios are critical facilities in the music industry; capturing sound and allowing a performance to be heard repeatedly at will. Today, studios are not only constructed with acoustic functionality in mind, their architecture is designed to inspire musicians to produce their best work. 

Here, we take a look at the most uniquely designed recording studios in the world.

In North Carolina, Manifold Recording’s control room is a wonder to behold. The stained glass strip in the rear wall adds another dimension of light throughout the building. 

Manifold Recording, Image credit: Manifold Recording

Manifold Recording, Image credit: Manifold Recording

Big names such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Adele, have recorded in London's RAK Studios. The wooden floors and homely furnishings create a comforting finish to the studio. 

RAK’s studios, image credit: Andrew Brooks 

Real World Studios, Image credit: York Tillyer

Real World Studio's “the big room” in Wiltshire has a lofty ceiling and intoxicating view into the millpond which makes this a jaw-dropping space to record within.

 Real World Studios, Image credit: York Tillyer

The "wood room" also in Real World Studios, features industrial design, combined with light colours and wide windows, allowing for a warm, open feel.

Ocean Sound Recordings, Image credit: Ocean Sound Recordings

On the edge of the Norwegian Sea, Ocean Sound Recording’s control room takes advantage of the stunning views outside. Being in the arctic circle, the Aurora can be seen from the studio.

Article by Cameron Webster.

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