REA welcomes Nick Clegg’s vision of Scotland’s renewable energy future

Deputy PM calls for “nothing short of a green economic renaissance for Scotland”

The REA welcomes the prominence given to renewables by Nick Clegg in his speech to the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party Conference today. Clegg outlined his vision of “a Scotland where green jobs fuel a thriving economic future”. He wants to see “dockyards reopened as wind farm factories, [and] wind and wave power providing the green energy of the future.”

REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell comments:

"We're very pleased to hear the Deputy Prime Minister focus on the huge role renewables can play in driving economic prosperity.  That's a very welcome message right across the UK when we face high levels of unemployment and rocketing oil prices.  We'd certainly welcome the Coalition Government moving renewable energy to the centre of their growth agenda - investment here offers the win-win-win of jobs, energy security and a rebalancing of the UK economy." 

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