REA responds to KPMG/AF Consult report on costs of wind power

Responding to the KPMG/AF Consult report, REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell comments:

“It is not just a question of finding the cheapest way to save carbon.  A secure energy future is one where the fuels don’t run out, and nor do the places to store their waste.  Do we really want to remain tied to unstable political regimes, or to the end of a pipeline which is tapped into by lots of energy-hungry economies before it reaches us?  Renewable energy solves these problems, and brings many other advantages.  

We have an ambitious renewable energy target for good reason.  The challenge to Government is to achieve it cost-effectively.  This means a clear policy intent, backed up by stable policies to deliver. 

Government  needs to stand behind the targets it recently endorsed and widen its focus to encompass renewables at the cheaper end of the spectrum.”

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