REA responds to Defra press release - Plans for a zero waste economy launched

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the REA said:

“The Government’s aim of getting “the most energy out of genuinely residual waste, not to get the most waste into energy recovery” is spot on.  Residual waste is a major source of renewable energy, and it can make a great contribution to our energy security. Our greenest European neighbours have both high recycling and high energy recovery rates, let’s follow in their footsteps.”

On the AD strategy, John Baldwin, Chairman of REA’s Biogas group, who chaired one of the strategy’s three Working Groups, said:

“This has been a good process, and has brought the industry together. We now know what’s needed in terms of the right framework for delivery. Coupled with stable, effective and consistent financial incentives this market should really take off.”

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