REA responds to DECC’s FITs Judicial Review appeal outcome

REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell comments on the outcome of DECC’s initial hearing

DECC is currently in the Court of Appeal hoping to be granted leave to appeal December’s Judicial Review decision, which ruled that its FITs consultation was unlawful.

Below are the REA responses for each eventuality.

If the Government IS NOT granted leave to appeal:

“The priority is getting stability into the Feed-in Tariff as rapidly as possible.

“It seems inevitable that there will now be a return to the higher tariff rates, which is regrettable if it causes another rush of installations similar to that seen before 12th December.

“We want to work with the Government on a stable support regime that keeps pace with the rapidly falling costs of solar technology.”

If the Government IS granted leave to appeal:

“No one liked the way the Government handled this consultation.

“Whatever the outcome of the appeal, the court case should ensure that the Government thinks twice about acting in such a cavalier manner again.

“Having said that, the majority of our members want to draw a line under this affair, look forwards, and get on with installing systems at the new tariff rates.”

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