REA responds: The Future of Food and Farming report

The report on "The Future of Food and Farming" put out today by the Government Office for Science makes a valuable contribution to a debate that policy makers have been avoiding for too long. The REA has consistently said that there is an urgent need to make the whole of agriculture more sustainable. In the context of the debate on biofuels, we have argued that demonising one particular end product for the use of land is short-sighted and that what is needed is a holistic view on the sustainable use of all land. As today's report points out, the solutions to the challenge of feeding and providing energy for a population of 9 billion people are hugely complex. This is not a simple question and cannot be dealt with by media sound bite. It requires a mature and well-informed debate.

Commenting on today's report, Clare Wenner, REA's Head of Renewable Transport, said:

"This report is a timely reminder that we have to be responsible about how we use the world's natural resources. The debate on biofuels has made us all think a great deal harder about sustainable production. The UK and the EU have sustainability rules for the production of biofuels. These can be rolled out to all sectors, investment in global agriculture must be stepped up and the world community must start thinking about much smarter land use."

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