REA responds: Changes to the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order 2010

The Scottish Government has opened a consultation on changes to the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order 2010.

The Scottish Government proposes not to grandfather dedicated biomass stations. In England and Wales biomass is grandfathered. They are proposing only to extend grandfathering to anaerobic digestion and energy-from-waste with CHP.

Responding to this proposal, REA’s chief executive Gaynor Hartnell said:

“The Renewables Obligation is a tradable mechanism, and having different arrangements within the UK is far from ideal.  When Scotland has deviated in the past, it was to improve the arrangements for Scottish generators.  By not grandfathering biomass, it’s made their prospects worse.  The justification is that it wants to see biomass used for heat only or CHP, particularly off the gas grid.  Experience shows that when Governments are too prescriptive, it can back fire.  Scottish forestry residues will end up being transported south of the border if they are to be used for clean, green, power generation.  It makes no environmental sense.” 

On wave and tidal proposals:

“This is good news for wave and tidal generators.  This embryonic industry needs all the support it can get.  The UK needs to act swiftly to maintain its leading position.  We are at risk of losing out on an industry in which we could be world leaders, just as we did with wind energy in the 1980s, which went to the Danes and Germans.  This move must be coupled with a consenting regime which facilitates, rather than frustrates developing projects in UK waters.” 

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