REA defends ‘exceptional’ British biofuels

Responding to the NGO report on biofuels, the Renewable Energy Association underlined figures from the Renewable Fuels Agency on the first two years of the RTFO (2008 to 2010) which shows that UK biofuels have been consistently delivering carbon savings of 70% and over, compared to fossil fuels, and producing the highest sustainability scores of any biofuels sold in the UK.

REA’s Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell said;

“We share many common views with the NGOs behind this report.  We should be reducing energy consumption (including from transport) and stopping damaging land use practices.  Fortunately the Renewable Energy Directive has clauses which will prevent this. 

The problem is that the UK has not implemented these yet, nor does it intend to until the end of 2011. Unsustainable biofuels will be excluded from many European countries, but not the UK – a ludicrous situation, given the UK’s previous leadership in setting standards.”

REA has also been pressing the government to ensure carbon savings from biofuels are maximised through the Fuel Quality Directive. 

The UK biofuel market is small – 3.5% of the total fuel supplies, or roughly 2.8% by energy. Research undertaken by the REA and peer reviewed by Imperial College London has shown that the vast majority of the EU target could be met without impacting on world food markets.

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