REA comments on Chris Huhne’s energy policy statement

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the REA said:

“The NPSs need to spell out clearly the overriding need for renewables, given the challenging targets.  However we are not concerned about other types of generation “locking out” renewables.  Planning decisions should be made on whether particular projects are acceptable in particular locations, not on basis of determining what split of renewables, nuclear or fossil plant should be consented.  It is up to the Government to set the framework for the market to respond to.  If too much generation capacity ends up being built and then is not required to run, it won’t be renewables that lose out. Renewables have the cheapest marginal costs, and will be generating whenever available. What is needed however, is a more efficient route through for projects under 50MW. Local decision-making needs to be aligned with national objectives."

The above comment is particularly in reaction to para 1.16.

The REA shall, of course, be responding to the consultation.

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