REA Biogas welcomes new report on Synthetic Natural Gas

In response to the report on synthetic natural gas, produced from renewable energy sources, referenced below:-

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the REA said:

"The UK has one of the most extensive gas networks in the world, and the process of decarbonising it has already started.  This report focuses on producing renewable gas from the thermal process, as opposed to from anaerobic digestion. The REA has ensured that this source of bio-methane will qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive, to be introduced in June next year, and we have been working on a way of showing the biomass content of fuels derived from mixed wastes, so that the green element can properly be rewarded.  This method is based on carbon dating, and the REA succeeded in changing the Renewables Obligation legislation so that this “C14” method can be used."

A Feasibility Study commissioned by NEPIC, National Grid and Centrica to review the use of Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) delivered via the gas grid as a way to decarbonise road transport and heat has now been published. The full report, carried out by CNG Services Ltd and Progressive Energy can be found on REA Biogas link.

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