Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Edincare Pumped Drainage Systems is pleased to present the WaterGuard™, a range of fully automatic rainwater harvesting system used for the collection and supply of rainwater within both domestic and commercial applications.

The system is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting to existing buildings. It is designed to accept rainwater from downpipes, which is then filtered into a collection tank ready to be used within buildings to serve all non-potable water appliances.

Key Benefits

• Unrestricted usage of outdoor tap (no hosepipe bans)

• Environmentally friendly

• Reduction of mains water consumption by up to 60%

• Suitable to serve WCs, washing machines, outdoor taps and irrigation systems

• Automatic tank top-up from mains water supply in dry periods

• Low maintenance

Gravity System

The gravity system is installed using an additional header tank that supplies filtered rainwater to the relevant appliance via gravity. The main advantage of this system is in the event of a power failure the appliances are still served.

Direct System

The direct system is used where it is not possible to install an additional header tank and therefore filtered rainwater is pumped direct from the holding chamber to the various appliances. The main advantage of this system is that rainwater is delivered to the appliances at mains pressure (3.5 bar).

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