Rainwater Harvesting Ltd Secures Exclusive Uk Distribution For Rewatec Blue F-Line Shallow-Dig Rainwater Tank

RainWater Harvesting Ltd has announced that it has been awarded by Rewatec, the German manufacturer of high quality water tanks, exclusive UK distribution rights to the Rewatec blue F-Line shallow-dig rainwater tank for sale via rainwater harvesting equipment providers, installers, contractors, developers and home owners.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd recently had the blue F-Line tank featured on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV and is leading with it in an innovative PR and advertising campaign, focusing on the droughts and hosepipe bans in the UK, including the RSPB and BBC's Gardener's World magazines.
The F-Line tank is one of the highest quality rotationally moulded one-piece tanks, so strong that it can be installed without the need for concrete, thereby minimising installation costs. The tank carries a 25 year guarantee and has a design life of 50-75 years. Its design is perfect for rainwater use and is optimised for use with the HydroForce rainwater pump, manufactured by RainWater Harvesting's sister company; this pump sits in the recess in the bottom of the tank, which also better collects the last litres of water to the pump as the tank empties.

The F-line flat tank can be installed into much higher water tables than a standard round tank. If the winter water table is not known, it’s safer to install a flat tank. The F-Line tanks are flat and the installation depth is 60% less than other rainwater tanks. The excavation can be up to 70% less, meaning little earth excavation, easy handling and less cost. The small excavation pit is easily filled in and your garden will look just like it did before. This all makes the tank perfect for sites where bedrock is close to the surface and digging is difficult.

Three sizes of the tank are available, 1500, 3000 and 5000 litres and systems complete and pre-fitted with internal piping, self-cleaning leaf filter, pump and fittings are available ex stock for immediate delivery. Details in http://www.rainwaterharvesting.co. uk/shallow-dig-rainwater-harvesting-garden-systems.php Water delivery to the house can be by direct feed or gravity feed.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd has announced that this tank, following the TV and exhibition appearances, is now the best selling tank. The GRAF range of Carat (two piece), Platin (shallow-dig) and Rondus (doughnut-shaped) tanks make up the complete range of tanks available.

Marco Rumberg, CEO of Rewatec GbmH in Hamburg commented, "RainWater Harvesting Ltd is the pre-eminent innovator and distributor of products for the specialist rainwater harvesting market and we are delighted they have taken on the blue F-Line flat tank. We could not have been more happy to see the tank on national TV and the advertising and PR campaign which is going on in its favour. RainWater Harvesting is a competent and powerful partner and we are looking forward to building up a long-term and successful partnership with them."

Adrian Lester, General Manager and Chief Engineer of RainWater Harvesting Ltd in Peterborough added "It is great to see a company coming up with such a great tank for rainwater harvesting. Its shape, strength, pump position and pre-fitted filter all make it a tank which answers the needs of our clients, from a home-owner up to multi-dwelling developer, where ease of fit and a cost-effective bundle are essential. Well done Rewatec and thank you for the confidence placed in us."

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