As the revised Building Regulations Part E come into effect, specification will have to pay much greater attention to noise reduction in all areas of the building be it for domestic residential or commercial premises.

Geberit is a leading authority on acoustics in the home and has researched the subject extensively, in its own dedicated sound laboratory, and has developed products which reduce sanitary and drainage noise throughout the home, from getting water to bathroom and kitchen appliances right through to drainage of waste.

In independent tests Geberit HDPE, as a drainage pipework system has been shown to have naturally favourable acoustic characteristics, equal, or better than those of traditional cast iron. The inherent low resonance of the material can be further enhanced by using Geberit’s ISOL wrap, acoustic brackets and insulation hose which dramatically reduce solid borne and air borne noise in an area of high water turbulence and where pipework is fixed to the wall or, of course, runs through it. Add to this the other advantages of HDPE over traditional products and it is clear it is the ideal material for acoustically sensitive areas.

Then there is the Geberit Duofix system of rigid mounting frames for wall hung bathrooms, concealing plumbing pipework and cisterns neatly and unobtrusively. The wall in front of the framework itself acts as an acoustic barrier and the frames can also be isolated acoustically to minimise solid and airborne noise with rubber, cork and foam mountings fulfilling good acoustic principles.

Being drop valve push operated, the Geberit cistern is already quieter than a siphon. It also incorporates filling valves especially designed for low noise even at pressures up to 10 bar and the polystyrene protection to prevent condensation also further reduces noise transfer. The Geberit range of flush plates even has acoustic insulators on the moving parts such as push rods to further reduce noise.

Geberit Mepla hot and cold water supply pipework in addition to its benefits of quick, clean, simple installation and unique crimping for strong, secure, leak proof connections, also offers improved acoustic performance with a range of noise limiting parts including rubber lined brackets, pipe fitting sleeves and tap mounts.

When it comes to reducing noise in the home Geberit is first in the queue but sssshhhh quietly does it!

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