Quietair 120 – High Performance Fans

Airflow’s NEW QuietAir ultra low energy extract fans combine powerful performance with low noise and “eco-start” technology

A “big brother” for the highly popular QuietAir 100 but at 0.24 W/L/sec, still at less than half the new 2010 Building Regulations recommended specific fan power; they provide higher air flow rates for larger bathrooms, utilities and living spaces without consuming significant power.

Two speed with a standard flow rate of 150 m3/hr and a power flow rate of 170 m3/hr. 

They have a high efficiency impeller creating greater pressure development, enabling installation in longer duct runs usually associated with centrifugal fans, from a discreet, compact axial fan with a small footprint.

Incorporating “eco-start” technology, a two minute delay start option is available to avoid unnecessary operation for quick visits.  An energy saving feature that is also particularly helpful at night.

Basic switching, timer, humidity and motion sensor versions are offered.

A unique feature is “Room Refresh” whereby a period of automatic room ventilation can be pre-set to activate every 4, 89, 12 or 24 hours.  Particularly relevant for combating damp conditions in unattended rooms.

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