Academic life at Ruislip High School is very quiet because a selection of specially developed acoustic damping products from the range of Ecophon have been employed throughout the various interior spaces.

The £12 million establishment in Sidmouth Drive, Ruislip has been built by Miller Construction, while the Guildford office of Scott Brownrigg was the lead design consultant on the project. Morden Ceilings, of Cheam in Surrey, was the installer of the Ecophon wall panels and ceiling baffles which were specified to reduce reverberation time and create a comfortable acoustic environment.

Ecophon were chosen for Ruislip school because there was nothing else that matched up to the products acoustically. Wall panels have been installed in all the classrooms throughout the school and also employed the baffles across the ceilings in the sports hall, the main hall and the auditorium.

Taking into account the requirements of BB93 the design team worked in conjunction with Scott Wilson, a Leeds based acoustic consultant and decided to set a reverberation period of 0.6 seconds for the classrooms and other interior spaces.

Morden Ceilings managed to achieve this relatively easily by fixing a series of Ecophon Akutex wall panels in white to the classrooms’ dry-lined walls – interspersing them between the places set aside for whiteboards, pin-boards and the window areas. When it came to the sports hall, the wall panels were fitted above a height of 10 metres, while Hygiene Advanced ceiling panels were suspended from a grid as acoustic baffles, using proprietary fixings.

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