Andrews has introduced the first commercial internal wall mounted condensing gas-fired continuous flow water heater available on the UK market, the condensing FASTflo, which offers efficiency levels of up to 103%.

FASTflo water heaters have been a staple in the Andrews portfolio for some years. The brand new 56Kw condensing model has been redesigned internally to accommodate an additional heat exchanger and condensate collector but, surprisingly, it looks no different to its non-condensing predecessor and is exactly the same size, which is no larger than a small suitcase.

“Andrews is dedicated to developing innovative products that lower carbon emissions and offer our customers the best value, which is why we are pleased to be able to provide a condensing version of this popular and reliable range of water heaters,” said Sean Reynolds, Product Manager. “FASTflo has always been championed for its compact size and simplicity of installation and now, thanks to this addition, our customers can benefit from even greater levels of efficiency.”

The FASTflo range has been developed for commercial applications where there is a constant requirement for hot water immediately on tap. These units have a revolutionary design that measures the incoming water flow and temperature via the primary circuit board, before modulating the burner up or down to meet demand within +/- 1°C accuracy. With a temperature rise of 45°C, up to 1.8 litres/second (108 litres/ minute) can be supplied constantly within a temperature range of 37°C to 80°C and the auto ignition ensures there are no standby heat losses when the unit is idle.

As well as the 56kW condensing unit, the FASTflo range also includes non-condensing models in 42kW and 56kW outputs, including a model for internal siting and one for external location that does not require additional weather protection.

A quick connect multi system is available for the connection of two heaters which requires only one remote controller and a quick connect cord. Up to six heaters can be installed in cascade configuration using a system controller, that can also regulate the circulation pump. In addition it can change the priority for run and standby mode. The advanced remote control not only provides fault indication but also facilitates interrogation of the operating status over a period of time.

The remote controller designed for use with all the FASTflo appliances allows external adjustment of the required flow temperature and, in addition, provides operation and fault diagnosis information.

FASTflo can also be combined with the Andrews range of ST storage cylinders, providing large volumes of hot water for intermittent and large peak demand such as hospitals, hotels and sports facilities.

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