Quantum Glass develops its Solar Control Glass

Strategic partnership between Saint-Gobain and SAGE Electrochromics for the construction of the biggest production line in the world, activating glass switching from clear blue to dark blue depending on the light intensity, the season or the interior atmosphere you are looking for.

By acquiring 50% of Sage Electrochromics’ capital, Saint-Gobain, via the QUANTUM GLASS™ brand, enable the market to access on demand light and warmth transmitted in a space, an affordable product for everyone, dedicated to improve the construction of energy-saving buildings.

One year after the launch of QUANTUM GLASS™, this announcement confirms the central position of the brand into the Saint-Gobain group. This partnership with SAGE Electrochromics confirms the QUANTUM GLASS™’ leadership on the market of active glazing technologies. According to this agreement, the intellectual property of Saint-Gobain on the luminous and dynamic transmission glass technology will be transferred to SAGE, while the R&D resources will be shared.

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