Quality treatment from waterside

The Waterside MC350 from BWT UK Limited is the ideal water softener for those looking for quality at a reasonable price.

This plumber’s favourite is not only a tough, reliable, British-built and tested softener, but an affordable model that is popular with the end user.
Factory set, it is simple to both install and use and features a high capacity resin bed, plus a rotary valve for low maintenance. With its sleek, modern design and digital control, for easy programming and monitoring, a compromise on price is far from a compromise on quality with the MC350.

BWT continue to offer their more advanced MC450 and MC550 models for times where quality and features remain at the forefront and a cheap price is not the primary concern.

BWT is Europe’s leading water treatment company, supplying safe, quality water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing and manufacturing. The Waterside, Aquadial and Liff brands represent BWT’s dynamic, ongoing commitment to delivering the very best water treatment solutions.

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